Terms Of Use

This agreement shall govern participation in the ELeavers.com program. The term ‘customer’ shall refer to any individual or entity who accepts the terms and conditions of this agreement by submitting the program registration. By participating in the program, you will be deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.

ELeavers.com shall have absolute discretion as to whether or not it accepts a particular customer or site for participation in the ELeavers.com network.

1. ELeavers.com will not direct visitors to sites containing content that is not appropriate for viewing by a general audience. The following are examples (including but not limited to) of the type of sites we will not direct visitors to:
· Sites with child pornography, violence, racial, obscene or vulgar language or sites that contain links to such contents.
· Sites containing or linking to any form of illegal activity (i.e., how to build a bomb, hacking, ‘phreaking’, etc.)
· Sites containing or linking to software piracy
· Sites promoting any type of illegal substance or activity sites with illegal, false or deceptive investments.
· Sites with any type of content reasonable public consensus deem to be improper or inappropriate
Other Obligations and Responsibilities for Advertisers:
ELeavers.com will not be held legally or financially responsible for any content submitted by an Advertiser while using our marketing services. Individual users and advertisers are solely responsible for the content of advertising and other material which they submit to use for advertising.

To use the service, you must submit a complete ELeavers.com registration form, which is available at Registration Form. As part of the registration process for the service, you agree to:

· Provide certain limited information about you as prompted to do so by the service (such information to be current, complete and accurate).
If ELeavers.com discovers that any of your Registration Data is inaccurate, incomplete or not current, ELeavers.com may terminate your right to access and receive the service immediately with or without notice. ELeavers.com will evaluate the Registration Data in good faith and will notify you in a timely manner regarding acceptance or rejection. ELeavers.com may reject a registration application if it determines, in its sole discretion that the user is not an appropriate subscriber or user of the service. Upon acceptance of this agreement and completion of the registration process you will have opened an account with ELeavers.com and will become a subscriber to the ELeavers.com service.

A refund must be requested within 90 days of its payment, also the payment must have been made through any online payment. Payment made through bank wire transfer can not be refunded. Refund is only eligible for all the remaining non-used payment (without the fraction part) in the advertiser’s account to the original payment method or payment method specified, provided that the advertiser has disabled, suspended or deleted all his ad campaigns, before requesting a refund.

If you use the monthly spending/budget control feature, you agree that your credit card will be charged the amount specified by you to ensure your account is not turned off when your account balance is lower than your defined monthly budget. The client acknowledges and agrees that any credit card and related billing and payment information that the client provides to ELeavers.com may be shared by ELeavers.com with companies who work on ELeavers.com’s behalf, such as payment processors and/or credit agencies solely for the purposes of checking credit and/or effecting payment to ELeavers.com and servicing customer’s account.
Coupons, Credits and Special Offers. ELeavers.com reserves the right to discontinue or modify coupons, credits and special promotional offers at our discretion.

* eLeavers.com reserves the right to change any of these terms and conditions at any time without notice.